– Fire Prevention & Protection System

We are providing Fire Protection Systems Design, Detail Bill of Quantity, Hydraulic Calculation for Fire Protection System.
  • Fire Protection System
  • Water Based:
  1. Hydrant System
  2. Sprinkler System
  3. Medium Velocity Water Spray System
  4. High Velocity Water Spray System
  5. Water Mist System
  • Gas Based:
  1. CO2 Flooding System
  2. FM200
  3. NOVAC 1230
  • Powder Based System:
  1. Dry Chemical Powder
  • Fire Alarm System
  1. Fire Alarm System with Manual Call Point and Hooter with Flasher
  2. Public Address System
  • Fire Detection System
  1. Addresable Detection System
  2. Conventional Detection System

Fire Service Theme 2017 by Govt. of India
"Fireman - Your Partner for Saving Life and Property"