–Training List.

Basic Fire Fighting

Innovative Fire Safe Solutions (IFSS) is providing Fire Fighting Training at client location. Fire Training is most effective part for any people who have to actively participants in case of Fire and Associate Emergency. Through Fire Science Training programs IFSS wants to educate and aware each & every employees of the private/Govt. Organisations and citizen about Fire and its dangerose impact and how to save ourself and property from Fire.

Course Contents are,

-  What is Fire, Safety, Hazard, Accident, Incident, Risk?
-  Triangle of Fire
-  Source of Fire
-  Spread of Fire
-  Classficaition of Fire
-  Extinguishing Method of Fire
-  Fire Extinguishing Techniques
-  Active and Passive Fire Protection
-  Types of Fire Extinguishers and it's care, maintenance and operation
-  Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System
-  Fire Alarm with Detection System
-  Fire door, Cable coating
-  What is the meaning of Emergency?
-  Types of Emergency 
-  Evacuation 
-  How to evacuate at the time of Emergency?
-  Rescue Techniques
-  Live Fire Demonstration 

First Aid Fire Extinguisher

- Classification of Fire
- Types of Fire Extinguisher
- Mechanism of Fire Extinguisher
- Operation of  Fire Extinguisher
- Maintenance
- Care and Handling

Fire Prevention & Protection

- What is Fire Prevention
- What is Fire Protection
- Fire Prevention System
- Fire Protection System
- Active Fire Protection System
- Passive Fire Protection System
- Operation of Fire Prevention & Protection Systems
- Principles

General Fire Safety Tips

  • What is Fire?
  • What is Safety?
  • What is Risk?
  • What is Accident and Incident?
  • Defination of Risk and Hazard
  • How to Prevent Fire?
  • Domestic Fire & Safety
  • Awareness Session
  • How to handle fire situation
  • Fire Prevetion Method

Emergency Evacuation Drill

-  Introduction
-  Importance of drill
-  Pre drill session on what is the meaning of emergency & it's type ?
-  Brief session on how to handle emergency situation
-  Devide roles and responsibilities of individual for mock drill
-  Basic Fire Fighting 
-  Basic First Aid
-  What is the meaning of evacuation and evacuaiton process
-  Important points which always must keep in mind for any kind of emergency 
-  Important points which must keep in mind during emergency and at the time of hearing emergency siren
-  Behaviour of individual during emergency and at assembly point
-  Involvement and co-operation during and after emergency
-  Closing session

Fire Service Theme 2017 by Govt. of India
"Fireman - Your Partner for Saving Life and Property"